DyeCoo is pioneering the field of waterless processing, with CO2 replacing water and process chemicals. So far it is suitable for polyester and the machines are costly. Pressurized CO2, in a nearly closed loop process (95% of ingoing materials are recycled), is used as the dyeing medium instead of water, thus requiring zero water and process chemicals.


Working on making outdoor wear waterproof without perflourinated chemicals.



A novel dye produced by Ecofoot. The company promises to reduce energy use by 80% and water intake by 70% because the negatively charged dye takes 45% less processing time than conventional dying.

It is 20-25% more expensive to tan skins without the use of heavy metals. The higher expense comes from salting the skins at the beginning of the process which can ruin some skins and create waste. However caring takes those and sells them to other industries, but refuses to use heavy metals in their leather.